Dec 21 2009

Coping With The Holidays – How To Determine If You’re Drinking Too Much

As the holiday season is upon us, there are usually more opportunities or excuses for functioning alcoholics to over-indulge. Informal happy hours with co-corkers are filled with well wishes for most, and pitfalls for the alcoholic. Work sponsored holiday parties and social gatherings are also risky endeavors that could lead to embarrassing behavior and career threatening transgressions.

Holiday parties are one source of opportunity for the high functioning alcoholic but of equal concern are the senses of loneliness, stress and despair that many people feel during the holiday season. (If you often feel extra stress this time of year, The Mayo Clinic has some great tips to cope with the extra stress of the holiday season.) For many people, making it from Thanksgiving to New Years’ usually involves excessive consumption of alcohol.

What’s important to remember is that most alcoholics are not on the street begging for change. Most are among us contributing to society and holding down jobs. Most are like you or your friends. In between work and drinking, alcoholics often attempt to have normal family and other relationships. It’s only as the disease progresses, usually without self realization, that alcoholics begin to sabotage their careers and friendships.

So how do you know if you have a problem?

  1. Keep a journal of your drinking through the holidays
  2. Set a hard limit of drinks and see if you can stick to it
  3. Take the alcohol screening test

Most importantly, whether you feel you have a problem or you feel you don’t — but still want to curb your drinking; contact me today to see if The Freedom From Alcohol Method® is right for you.

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  1. Mikeon 21 Dec 2009 at 5:18 pm

    Thanks for the post.
    A lesson I learned long ago was that I didn’t need to be out on the street to be considered, or accept that I am, an alcoholic. I can tell you though, I honestly was ready to go there to prove myself wrong. Somehow through the grace of God I found my way earlier…well before I was close to being on the street.

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